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Forum Rules

Note: Failure to follow these rules may result in Your Post Being Edited, Deleted, or your account being Moderated, Suspended, or Banned. Please have fun, but follow the rules!

1. If it doesn't add anything to the forum, don't post it or post it in the Spam Forum. This means, in other words don't post meaningless messages.

2. Advertising is generally not allowed. Unless you get permission from an administrator, please keep any advertising messages (Including links to your website, eBay listing, etc) in the "For Sale" forum. This forum was created so that members can still share their advertisements, but not clutter up the main forums. Those members who wish to view your advertisement will view it here.

3. There will be absolutely no insulting fellow members, please take your grudges/fights elsewhere. This includes insults via images, words, or any thing else. If you help provoke a member, all involved will receive the same punishment.

4. Do not post any image, text, or video that doesn't belong to you. If you're unsure of the origin, do not post it. If you do decide to post it, you must get written permission from the original author before posting.

5. Keep it PG-13 - This pretty much goes without saying, do not post images or words that are inappropriate for members under 18 years old.

6. Please post videos in the correct place. Flight Simulator videos may be posted in the "Flight Simulator Videos" forum. All other videos may be posted in the "Off Topic Video" forum.

7. Use the "Edit" button. If you forgot something in your first post/reply click the "Edit" button to edit your previous post. Use the "Multi-Quote" button to respond to multiple posts at one time. These are both meant to make less clutter on the forums.