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VA A346 Landing

A Video By jamesbaldwyn

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Video Information Video Information
Description: A spot on landing (as always) at Malta airport in a Virgin Atlantic (Not quite an Atlantic flight, took off from LGW) Airbus A340-600 Enjoy =D
Video Card Used: Nvidia 7600GT 256MB
Aircraft Used: Simmers Sky - Airbus A346
Location: Malta
Comments Comments
Comment venom370 @ Dec 6 2007, 6:25 pm Says:

strange,lol approach was horrible, but touch was alright

Comment Badpilot @ Dec 6 2007, 6:53 pm Says:

Terrible song!!LOL Alright approach and touchdown 4/5

Comment jamesbaldwyn @ Dec 6 2007, 7:30 pm Says:

10mins work and already 10x better than Venoms work Emoticon

Comment opip @ Dec 7 2007, 1:30 am Says:

OEF.Terrible approach.the landing wasn`t really soft.3/5.

Comment 767 lover @ Dec 7 2007, 10:40 am Says:

yep terrible approach.. 4/5.

Comment Jamesbuk @ Dec 7 2007, 2:05 pm Says:

Baldy, considering I was chasing you from behind to land, quite a nice app, slightly speedy hence nose down by about 3' but again because im chasing you. That was a textbook landing. These juniors think that a landing should be as soft as possible which is WRONG you are suppose to land so you can make decent contact with the ground and get the wheels going rather than skidding it down the runway. Overall pretty good considering the circumstances 9/10

Comment jamesbaldwyn @ Dec 7 2007, 2:11 pm Says:

Nothing wrong with that landing. Steep approach - Woo. Its completely acceptable no idea why everything had to be amazing as the reality is that its nothing like the real thing. Bloody Kids..

Comment opip @ Dec 7 2007, 2:22 pm Says:

I take one thing back that is the touch down.and with a Small cessna robin whatever yes then the steep approach isn`t so bad.but in a Big passenger jet it is.Poor passenger in that kind of APP.

Comment Jamesbuk @ Dec 7 2007, 2:33 pm Says:

The passengers wouldnt really know! They cant see the AH to see that are at about 4' nose down... remember, the length of the A346 makes it look like its alot steeper than it is. Thats only 4' nose down max... James

Comment opip @ Dec 7 2007, 2:41 pm Says:

The landing is perfect NOW HAPPY.

Comment jamesbaldwyn @ Dec 7 2007, 4:36 pm Says:

Well, We're just making a point. We know what we're talking about you however don't. I'm not getting angry about your comments I'm just asking why and then showing you that its either not that bad or irreverent.

Comment venom370 @ Dec 7 2007, 4:49 pm Says:

your better then me, LOL funny, lol but the terrible was completely worrible

Comment RoY @ Dec 8 2007, 8:49 am Says:

The approach was not good, but the touchdown was perfect, It doesn't have to be soft always, it just needs to be on time and not too hard. this landing is better than the soft touchdowns of Will or the touchdowns of Mike because they r usually always late but soft. Emoticon

Comment Dansors @ Dec 8 2007, 10:49 am Says:

Too high, too fast, bad flare and poor gears

Comment RoY @ Dec 8 2007, 12:43 pm Says:

4'' nose down is a lot btw, it doesnt matter if your in a 318 or an 346, the passengers are going to feel it.. and @jamesbuk a quite nice approach because you were chasing him? :lol: please..

Comment 767 lover @ Dec 8 2007, 12:52 pm Says:

yea when i was flying with my holidays to HĂ©raklion we were also to high so the pilot descend very fast in approach, the nose was also under the horizon and i felt it! And that was in B733..

Comment jamesbaldwyn @ Dec 8 2007, 1:30 pm Says:

Dennis, You told everyone that you had left FSZone for IVAO and to stop talking to you as you're no longer a part of the fszone club. All of a sudden about 3 or 4 months later you decide to pop in and leave a comment. I admit that the approach is poor but what the hells wrong with the touchdown. Haven't seen a video from Dennis for ages so for all we know he could be shite.

Comment jamesbaldwyn @ Dec 8 2007, 1:31 pm Says:

Well, I've got the best video here as I have the most views Emoticon

Comment Badpilot @ Dec 8 2007, 1:32 pm Says:

Wow these comments got out of hand. Fighting over a airplane landing thats not even real!!!!

Comment Dansors @ Dec 8 2007, 2:19 pm Says:

I left it, so what? Is it illegal to post a comment?

Comment Coa4328 @ Dec 9 2007, 2:25 pm Says:

Looks like you were a little high there buddy thats ok nice landing :0) 5/5

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