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FSX DX10 EDDF Landing

A Video By venom370

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Video Information Video Information
Description: A landing at EDDF with DX10 while running Virus scan and defrag while recording, Avg frames with recording 16 without 24
Video Card Used: EVGA 8600GTS 512mb
Aircraft Used: 747-400
Location: frankfurt EDDF
Comments Comments
Comment jamesbaldwyn @ Mar 23 2008, 2:44 pm Says:

Cool Video. Landings could of been more centred however. Also, instead of showing off, try recording footage without virus scans and the rest, it's pointless and will be more enjoyable for the people who (put up with Emoticon) watching your videos.

Comment Badpilot @ Mar 23 2008, 6:16 pm Says:

Yeah why did you do all 3 thing at once? Kind of silly Emoticon Besides that not bad. 3/5. Not very smart to run 3 programs that emphasize on the hard disk at once Emoticon.

Comment venom370 @ Mar 23 2008, 6:53 pm Says:

i didnt do that to show off i was in the mood to record but i had those two things running at the same time

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